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Welcome to Derek Mobility!

James Takes a Ride...

Two Fun eScooters

Our Little Lover and Dragon Fly eScooters are getting rave reviews, and they come with a gift of equity in the company. The shares could be worth more than the cost of the cost of the scooters... what could be better?

Jump on the offer, now!

Little Lover Get's My Vote...

"This little ebike hauls... it's so fast I just love it!"

B. Garnjost

The Dragon Fly is Perfect...

The styling of the Dragon Fly is awesome, and I love the way it folds. I take it to work and it fits in a corner by my desk nicely.

C. Alston

I'm in Love With Derek Mobility

The company is dedicated to a greener planet, and I especially like the way they approach community development and inclusion.

A. Alexander

Take a peek at our current product line and learn more about the products we're launching in 2021.

Derek Mobility Gift Card

Looking for something for someone special? A gift card to our store is the perfect idea! If you're among the first 300 purchasers you'll still be gifted the 250 company shares, NOW, and be able to choose a product at any time in the future.

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Little Lover Goes to the Beach